Portfolio of C.C.

Links to my Projects completed during the course. Click on the pictures to view the web page/site.
Screen capture of Projects Comments
Copyright - © C.C. - 26/Jan/2012
© C. Carroll 2011-screenprint of Project 1 Project 1 - First Webpage - short biography
© C.C. 2011-screenprint of photogal Project 2A - Photogallery - A selection of photographs taken in the Inchicore area
© C.C. 2011-screenprint of video page Project 2B - Media - ~These videos were taken in the Inchicore district of Dublin, Ireland in 2012
© C.C. 2012-screenprint of website1 homepage Project Website 1 - This is my webpage
© C.C. 2012-screenprint of website3 homepage Project 3-2 - A website for a client - MASTER DJ

Project 3-1 - A website for a client - MASTER DJ, Prototypes and Wireframes.

The Prototypes and Wireframes for the Web Site can be found here.

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