Web Design Training @GHIS is offered by HSE EVE GHIS. This course is available in our ETB STP Training Centre in Dublin 8, Ireland. We take on students on a continuous basis all through the year and you can attend this course provided that your are registered with FÁS and have special needs.


Students stay with us for a maximum of two years and during that time have the opportunity to learn everything about personal computers; web design is one part of these ongoing courses.


Those who are eligible for training at HSE EVE GHIS are:

  • In receipt of social welfare payment either job seekers allowance or benefit or disability allowance, or
  • On invalidity pension or disability benefit, you need an exemption from the Department of Social Welfare
  • Registered with FÁS
  • Between the age of 18-65

If you are interested in training at HSE EVE GHIS and require an application form, please send us your details (name, email address if you have one, or phone number, if you want us to contact you for an application form) via the contact form; click here to go to the contact form.

Web Design Monitoring Progress

On the first day of the course the tutor will ask the student a few questions regarding their interest in Web Design, possible web site projects they might have in mind, and if they have any previous knowledge of web authoring.

A progress check of each student is done by the web design tutor on a daily basis to get a clear picture of the understanding of the material and the correct applying of the various new techniques to author a web page/site.

Web Design Course Manual

The first steps into learning HTML and CSS are done by following the assignments in the 'Web Design Manual Part 1'.

Artistic Skills? Artwork?

If a student has artistic skills and has done some graphic design or desktop publishing courses/work beforehand, this is a plus point for any web design course.

Knowledge of image editing software and image editing skills are excellent assets for this course.

If you have a portfolio with artwork or photographic work, please bring it to the first interview.

What Is The Web Design Course Material Based On?

The material of the course itself adheres to the guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium regarding the correct & latest authoring of web pages.

The author of the material continually researches the latest and most relevant developments in web authoring and integrates them into the course material.