Manual - Three

Course Content For 'Web Design Manual Part 3'

1. Web page/site templates.
2. Introduction to templates.
3. Template 1: Creating a liquid web page layout with relative positioning.
4. Template 2: Liquid layout 3 columns.
5. Template 3: Fixed layout and horizontal navigation.
6. Creating and publishing a web site:
  1. Designing a web site
  2. Static versus dynamic web site
  3. Components of a static web site
  4. HTML document tree: Root, child, ancestor, descendant, sibling
  5. Structural markup of a HTML document
  6. CSS positioning and sizing of a web page: Relatve, absolute, fixed positioning
7. Creating a simple web site (liquid layout / relative positioning).
8. Project 3: Creating a fully working web site:
  1. Making a choice
  2. Interview with client
  3. Creating a colour scheme
  4. Web site project proposal and executive summary
  5. Progress records
  6. Creating online prototypes
  7. Detailed scheduled of events
  8. Sketching the layout
  9. Creating and publishing the prototoypes (aka design compositions)
  10. Creating the wire-frames for the prototypes
  11. Creating the web site structure & navigation system
  12. Defining the content for the individual pages
  13. Creating the images from the prototypes
  14. Creating the web pages: HTML & CSS code
  15. Publishing the web pages/site
  16. Validating the web pages by URI