What You Will Learn

You will learn Web Design, using HTML and CSS, and how to create fully functional static web sites from scratch.

Example Student Portfolios

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AD Initials I made the Project 1 website about the buses. The CIE was founded in 1945 until break up in 1987. The low-floor buses delivered to Dublin Bus between 2000 and 2009 and serve the rich routes. The poor routes use the high-floor buses between 2000 and 2012. Few new low-floor buses were removed from the poor routes and put on the rich routes and never return to the poor routes again. Between 2012 and 2013, more new low-floor buses delivered to Dublin Bus. The governments, news and newspapers said that the new low-floor buses are needed for all poor routes only because all rich routes have existed low-floor buses. Dublin Bus had 1038 low-floor buses but now has 920 because 3 lost in the accidents and 115 unlawfully transferred to other activities.
AD Initials I made the Project 2 website the history of the route 29A where I live in Kilbarrack. Kilbarrack is the part of the poor routes what CIE Dublin Bus provide the 17A and 29A in 1970. The governments put the new low-floor buses to the poor routes only after the high floor buses left service with Dublin Bus in 2012. The rich routes have existed 00-reg to 09-reg low-floor buses and they stole the 12-reg and 132-reg low-floor buses from the poor routes and never give back to the poor routes. Kilbarrck has current Dart train service. In mid 2014, Dublin Bus's 859 2-axle low-floor buses will be grounded on most rich routes and 70 3-axle low-floor buses will serve the poor routes with 65 more 3-axle low-floor buses shortly.
AD Initials Adam's Lego WordPress blog
RD Initials Miles behind the world at this stage nearly there. There is a suggestion that this looks like a web site, only a suggestion. To me it is a work of art. My web page contains a lot of photoshop stuff i have accidentally learned. As you can tell from my web page i have not got much of an attention span.
RD Initials Stunning!!
RD Initials My WordPress attempt!
RD Initials Portfolio website
PL Initials I started out with an idea and it gradually took shape and accelerated into an achievement. I feel that the work that I put in was evident in the blog page. I did in the beginning want to keep it very minimal but was immersed in trying to perfect it into a user friendly site. My major difficulties were as usuall trying to find small mistakes in the coding. As I was a regular coffee drinker and frequented a lot of cafe's it was not difficult to talk about one of my favourite passtime's.
PL Initials It was a great opportunity to upload video and images for this website. I spent about 45 minutes waiting fo the video to up-load and about half an hour taking pictures of the campus.
PL Initials My design blog in WordPress.
CK Initials Wow my first web site! I started this site with a blank sheet of graph paper mapping out the navigation, header, footer etc. Then I made prototypes of each webpage in Photoshop. There I could see onscreen what my site would actually look like. Next came the actual coding which is the really finicky part of the whole operation. Once this was done I added the blog entries. Finally I uploaded my pages onto the GHIS website and hey presto here it is!
CK Initials In Project Two I revealed a bit more about myself in the About page and got to grips with putting a photo gallery together. I also used Vimeo to put a video onto my site.
CK Initials My client's web page is finally uploaded! This took a bit longer than intended due to a number of reasons I won't be going into here. There were times of frustration and times of elation depending on whether things were going well or not. I hope you like it.
CK Initials WordPress was a welcome respite from all my coding. Everything is laid out for you and it's just a matter of choosing how you want your blog page laid out. So once my layout was chosen all I had to do was start blogging. I found it a very positive experience and it's something I think I might keep doing.
LG Initials Developing my first web site was a major challenge but very rewarding when it finally came together! I had a number of obstacles to overcome such as having two images in the header but using one as a heading 2 worked. I enjoyed designing the logo and choosing a colour scheme. It's great to see the finished product on line!
LG Initials This was an interesting project as we learned how to insert rich media.I inserted ajQuery fading images slide show on the home page and a 30 second video on the gallery page as well as a photo gallery.My theme for the project was colour using some of the images I had created and photographs of flowers and trees.
LG Initials This is an account of my experiences while developing each project,the high points and the low points.There is great satisfaction in overcoming the various difficulties erncountered.
CW Initials This has been a difficult project but I am happy with the results.
CW Initials This is my attempt of my photo gallery.
The photos are of my pet parrot Baby.
He is a Sun Conure parrot.
SN Initials This project was my first foray into making a webpage suitable for the internet.
SN Initials This is my first attempt at making a working photo gallery.
SN Initials This is my first attempt at using Video and Audio in a webpage.
SN Initials This is a small autobiography. It consists mainly of my hobbies, likes and dislikes—a standard biography, with a total of four paragraphs.
SN Initials This is a photo gallery of Customs and Excise, as well as the surrounding area.
SN Initials This is a video of a tutorial of Dungeons and Dragons - D&D rulset.
NB Initials First attempt at making a website-not as easy as it looks. My favourite thing about it was playing with colours.............
NB Initials Girl at Africa day with balloon on head, Molly the wonder cat, Billy and a couple of ginger cats, one on street in bray and one of many ginger neighbours! The purpose of this exercise is to display photographs in a nice photo gallery.
JB Initials This is my first web page with my own design of the background at the top of the page. I started the web design course only last year and have found it quite challenging at times in trying to remember all the different codes and tags but I have enjoyed the experience all the same. This web page is a bit about myself, my hobbies & interests and where I've travelled to.
JB Initials This is a photo gallery display of unplanned Images of the Liberties and the Quays of Dublin with Architectural Places of interest that I took with a digital camera.
JB Initials This is my media assignment were I used a camera phone to take the two video files and I also added one audio extract only containing a poem called "This Morning" by Orlando Belo.
JB Initials This is a website with a six page content from project one.
PK Initials Project 1: It Was quite a hard project but am quite pleased with the final result.
PK Initials Project 2-1: A photogal of motorbikes and some sports I like.
PK Initials Project 2-2: Media and Audio.
OD Initials Information about places I have visited, where I live and my Hobbies.
OD Initials A gallery of my favourite buildings in Dublin.
OD Initials A media assignment with audio and video.
OD Initials A website with content from project 1.
OD Initials Project 3-1.
ÉAD Initials This is the first project I completed on the Web Design course. It contains some information about myself, my main interest and some travelling I have done.
ÉAD Initials This is my version of the Photo Gallery assignment. It contains some photographs taken over a period of time using a camera phone.
ÉAD Initials This is my version of the Media assignment. It contains two videos taken using a camera phone, and one audio-only segment containing a poem by Gabriel Rosenstock.
ÉAD Initials This is my version of Project 1 refactored as a 6 page Web Site.
ÉAD Initials This is my version of Project 3-1. It is a 6 page Web Site for the Sabor Brazil Restaurant in Dublin, Ireland.
MW Initials This project one is all about me. Just a description and information. Example of ability with text, divs and images.
MW Initials Example of website with images a simple photo gallery.
MW Initials A website showing examples of video and audio with graphics created by me.
MW Initials Project One revisited broken up into five pages.
MW Initials First fully operational online website for a montessori school. Five pages.
MW Initials Project Choir for the Celbridge & Straffen Choir.
RD Initials Project 1.
BF Initials A miscellany of my writings.
BF Initials Images of the rich mix of life in the Liberties area of Dublin, Ireland.
BF Initials Two video clips.
BF Initials Project 1.
AS Initials The introducation is about the webdesign course I started back last year. A real challenge as it looked complicated. Very exciting working with colours and designs but very tricky remembering to put in all the correct code like HTML,CSS,tags and much more but then to see finishing part come up online is just wonderful. I have told a little about my upbringing, what hobbies I have and interests.I took a printscreen of my design choosing the background colors and designing the cover.
AS Initials The photo gallery is showing some snapshots of trinklets at home with the camera like a painting and crochet purse.It was my first attempt preparing the thumbnails, being very carefull finding your own folder,copying and uploading to the website/webpage.
AS Initials The audio was a difficult task because you hear your own voice but I guess one get's over it. However the audio is telling a little about Karneval in parts of Germany. I lived and worked for many years in munich, Germany. I went to lots of Karneval party's.
AS Initials I have now completed Web Design - Project 3.
JK Initials This is something I consider as an ongoing project...
JK Initials Here are a few snaps of London Town.
JK Initials Here is a video project comprising one brief shoot of Dublin evening lights from Three Rock Mountain; and a pair of cats. There is also a brief recording of me reciting a T.S. Eliot poem about, er, another cat. I'll sort out the watermark at a later date... apologies on that until then.
JK Initials This is the website which the first project promised. It is both a cartographic exposition and a possible source of a solution to the problem of climate change.
AJ Initials 13 / 7 / 09
I have put all my knowledge of css rules, html, image creation and editing into this webpage. I am satisfied with the final look of it.
AJ Initials Project 2-1.
DW Initials Project 1.
DW Initials Project 2-1.
DL Initials Project 1.
DL Initials Project 2-1.
DL Initials Project 2-2.
DL Initials Web Site 1.
DL Initials Project 3-1.
DL Initials Project 3-2.
JL Initials Project 1.
JL Initials Project 2-1.
JL Initials Project 2-2.
JL Initials Web Site 1.
JL Initials Project 3-1.
JL Initials Project 3-2.
MK Initials Project 1.
MK Initials Project 2-1.
MK Initials Project 2-2.
MK Initials Project 3-1.
MK Initials Project 3-2.
DF Initials A little about myself is assignment 10 and it describes where i am from, where i went to school, what hobbies i have and my two favourite websites.
DF Initials A video about Dave Smith is a assignment i did in Drama class. It is about a professional footballer who is married to Sonya and have a baby boy. Dave is a gambler and Sonya wants to buy a house in the Cannaries.
DF Initials L'avenue is a website i created for a hairdresser in Blanchardstown and it was commissioned by R.Perez.
DF Initials The Tudors. I did some acting as a extra for The Tudors so i used it as a project for assignment 18. I wrote a piece about Henry Cavill, Natalie Dormer and Johnathan Rhys Meyers.


CDETB - City of Dublin Education & Training Board contracts with Specialist Training Providers (STPs), in Centres country-wide, to deliver training Courses to people with disabilities who require more intensive support than would be available in non-specialist training provision. HSE EVE GHIS is one of those training centres.

QQI Certification

This Web Design course is written and taught to the specifications of the following:
QQI Level 5 - 5N1929 - Web Authoring
QQI Level 5 - 5N1929.A - Computer Illustrated Graphics These two modules are part of the QQI Major Award: Multimedia Production (Award Code 5M2146)

Course Pre-Requisites

It is very important that prospective students have the following competencies:

  1. Being familiar with the Internet: surfing the World Wide Web and E-Mailing.
  2. Knowing what Web Browsers are and which are currently popular.
  3. Being independent and having the ability to solve problems in a creative way.
  4. Being able to follow instructions point by point.
  5. Adequate spelling and grammar skills.
  6. Good typing skills.
  7. Being extremely familiar with file management: creating files and folders, folder hierarchy and remembering file paths.
  8. Being adept at copying and pasting files and folders, to a new location and renaming files and folders.
  9. Having a good memory or a desire to improve memory capacity.
More information is available on the Location page.